4 Life Skills You Must Master If You Go Traveling

Traveling is as much about experiencing new modalities of life and learning new skills on the way. You are improving your personality every time you step outside of your comfort zone and experience new and exciting things.

When I moved to Norway I was forced to learn Norwegian because my colleagues did not speak any English. When I traveled to Bulgaria, I had to learn how to live on cucumbers and cabbage on daily basis, when I went to Romania, I learned how to hitchhike. Traveling makes you learn new things wherever you go.  

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5 Reasons Why I Love Poland but Poland Hates Me.

Some time ago I wrote a bit about my trip to Morocco and to Netherlands. Today it is time for Poland. Have you ever felt like a country does not like you? Maybe you get a parking ticket or lose something every time you are visiting? Or maybe everything that might go wrong, does whenever you are there? This is my case with Poland. As I am from Latvia, whenever I plan a road trip with a car, there is no other way but to drive through Poland. At least if you don’t want to get a visa. So I have visited it several times. Starting from a family vacation to famous tourist destinations, continuing with a youth project in a countryside of Poland (practically in the middle of nowhere) and finishing with visiting the Tatry mountains. So this time I am going to share some interesting stories which describe my experience with Poland. If you are planning to visit the country, you might want to have a read.
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Should You Become a Photographer? [6 Photographers’ Honest Opinions about Photography in their Country]

These days it feels like every second person buys a DSLR and creates their own Facebook Photography Page. This is why every day it gets harder to get into photography business and get actually paid for the work you do. At times it can be very hard to tell an amateur apart from a semi-professional. No wonder why people expect young photographers to do their work for free. What they don’t understand is that every professional once was an amateur so the question is – how to break free from being seen as an amateur and to become a full-time photographer who can pay bills with an actual money instead of just receiving a permission to use pictures.

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