People I Met In Norway.

Love story. Madara Parma Photography.

This is the third country that inspired me to continue collecting foreigner stories on their life journey in another country. First was the stories of people who live in my own country “People I Met In Latvia” and then it continued with “People I Met In Bulgaria”.

I had a couple of days to spend in Norway and that gave me a chance to collect the following two stories of two couples I met in Norway.

  1. This is Agnese and Gatis. This is a Latvian couple who live in Norway for several years already and they have been together even more. I had a chance to meet them for only a half a day, but I had the best time. Together we went to a place called “Verdens Ende” which means “The End of The World”. Pretty cool name for a place, I would say. At the beginning they were very shy and kept on telling me that they never had a photoshoot before, but after a little while they forgot about the camera and became completely silly and cute. Their presence just reminded me how important it is to remember to never lose childish joy for this life. It also gives a spark for the relationship.

Love story. Madara Parma Photography.

2. And these sweethearts are Gunita and Renārs. Their life story is so tangled and full of events that it is not possible to write it in a short paragraph. But the main reminder this couple carries with them is that it does not matter what has happened in your life and it does not matter where you come from – if you are meant to be together, you will be. He can be your best friend, she can be your inspiration, you can be the favourite person for each other and help each other out in the everyday struggles. Just celebrate and love each other and enjoy the day.

Engagement. Madara Parma Photography.

I hope to go back to Norway real soon and collect some more stories I can share with you.

Coming up: “People I Met In Turkey”.

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