People I met in Latvia.

We all have our own stories and reasons why we are exactly where we are. Everyone has their background and no matter what we all share the same sun.

In the time when people are moving all around the world, I decided to share the stories of those who have chosen to make their living here in Latvia.

This is the story of the “People I met in Latvia.”

  1. Meet Katrine. She moved from Denmark to Latvia together with her boyfriend who was looking for new experiences before studying after highschool. She had no idea what to expect, she had no specific plan. She just went for it.
    They both live here for several months already.


2. Here is Ida. This amazing girl wanted to gain some new experience in her life. She made a bucket list of the “Things to do before you turn 30”. Moving to another country was one of them. So she moved to Latvia. Because why not, right?

People I Met In Latvia. Madara Parma Photography.

3. Say hello to Roosa. When you meet this girl you can instantly feel the positive energy flowing from her. Where does she get it from? I guess she brought it with her from Finland. What started out as a internship for her studies, ended up as moving abroad to Latvia for almost a year. When asked what’s next for her, she simply answered: “I heard about a job possibility in Netherlands. I think that sounds pretty good.” I guess it pretty much does.


4. This one here is Tonje. Yet another positive-minded Norwegian girl you can find in Latvia. She has a million travel stories she can tell you as well as many places she can tell you about starting from her favourite forest in her hometown in Norway till the story about her family vacation in USA. When she was 12 , she had a family vacation to America and she told her mom: “One day I am going to move to another country.” After a few years she called her mom to tell her that she is moving to Latvia. Her mom simply answered: “I am not surprised. You have been telling me this since you were 12”. Be careful what you wish for, they say.


5. This time our story leads us to this amazing couple. Meet Donna and Bill – two very warm and sincere people who did not hesitate to share their story with me. They are originally from Texas but have been living in Latvia for almost 15 years already and doing missionary work. They have a bunch of stories to tell about people they have met, people they have helped and places they have seen. One of the things Bill and Donna are focusing on are helping the American families to adopt orphans from Latvia. This for sure makes you think. Not to talk about statistics, but we have so many kids without a proper home, so many souls that need a shelter that even when people from other countries are joining in to help, it is still not enough. Just imagine if every Latvian family would take care of one kid, there wouldn’t be a single child in the orphanages.

Just something to think about.


6. Greetings to Emily. This girl is walking in sunshine and could not stop smiling the whole time. When I think of our meeting, the word “Family” comes to my mind. When I asked her to share her favourite travel stories, she told me her memories of family trips. When asked to show her favourite picture, she showed the one of the moment when she noticed her father in graduation day. Even her phone desktop is a picture of her 2 little sisters. It just makes you wanna meet them all and put the stories together with their faces. I guess it was hard to leave them in Denmark to move to Latvia. But don’t you worry guys. We are taking good care of her here in Latvia.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our families, can we?


7. Kumsijat. Both her name and herself is one of a kind. Young, beautiful and energetic. Those are the characters that follow her step by step. Her story starts in Russia where she was born when at a young age she moved to Sweden together with her family. Yes, she still can speak Russian with this cute little Swedish accent. And now when some time has passed, she has ended up in Latvia and she is here for almost a year now. I guess Russian is a little bit more useful here than Swedish, isn’t it?
When asked of her future plans, she said that to become a make up artist is one of her dreams. Go for it, girl! Follow your dreams and take with you all the inspiration from Latvia that you could possibly take.


8. I would like to introduce you to Annemai. A very sweet and caring girl who was the one who inspired me to do this whole project. She came from Denmark to Latvia, because she did not feel ready to begin her studies. What could be a better way to find oneself than to live abroad? Even though she is back in Denmark now, everyone who had met her misses her very much. When asked of one thing she is going to remember when she thinks of Latvia, the answer was “the feeling and atmosphere of walking down the streets of Old Riga town”. 

And what’s your story that you’re leaving behind?

Next up- “People I met in Bulgaria”.


And what’s your story that you’re leaving behind?

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