14 Reasons why Slovenia should be on Your Travel List 2019.

What is Slovenia? A small country surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Pretty surprising, huh? It has the Alps. It has the Adriatic Sea. And, oh, so beautiful nature. So many things in a country of 20,273 km2. And, yes, it is not Slovakia. So why should you visit Slovenia in 2019? Here are some reasons for that:

1. The Alps.

They have Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Pohorje Hills to the highest peaks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. You pick. Many hiking trails, amazing sights. And what I loved the most- you can stand in the same place and the view will change. In one moment you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, the next moment you will notice some mountains. And in a sunny day you will be surprised by how many mountain ranges you can see in one place. The pictures below are from Vršič Pass.


You can catch different moods and shapes of mountains during 5 minutes.


2. I Feel Slovenia.

This is a brand that was established in 2007, but the brand manager is the Government Communication Office. So pretty much all of the country is included in working for a brand of Slovenia. If you want to get some patriotic vibes, Slovenia might be a place for you to experience. As they say in their webpage: ‘Slovenia cannot be presented with a simple image, we have to feel and sense Slovenia – with words, sounds, colours, touch, actions, and experience.‘ Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


3. Paradise for photographers.

I was in Slovenia for 10 days only. The weather was changing a lot. One minute it was sunny, one minute there was a snow storm, in the next day it was foggy and then it was raining all day. But no matter the weather, the light was amazing. It is a paradise for photographers. You can create so many moods out of one place. You can get calm, happy, depressive, thoughtful, peaceful. You can get all sorts of results just in few days. Amazing.


4. Water.

Water in Slovenia is very pure and clean. It is not possible to tell how deep the river or lake actually is. And the water tastes amazing. No need for bottled water here. Let nature satisfy your thirst.


5. Colours.

Yes, the colours. I was visiting Slovenia in November, but by the weather, you could not tell if it is Autumn or Winter. Some days it was snowing and looked like a winter wonderland. In the next day, the Autumn was back and all of the colours were visible on the trees, on the plants, and in the reflections. And the water is this green/blue. Everywhere. Seriously everywhere – even in the cities.


6. Tiny mountain houses and villas.

Slovenia has a lot of cute mountain houses. When you wanna book a place to stay, you will notice that they are often called villas. You can get some Scandinavia feels there. And it could be perfect for your winter getaway for Christmas 2019 in case you are an early planner.


7. Rocky mountain rivers, fields and long cave systems.

If you are not that big of a fan of mountains, but still enjoy hiking in nature, Slovenia has a lot of spots for you. In Kranjska Gora for example, there is a Triglav National Park. You can see many waterfalls, rivers, colourful trees, weird plants, huge rocks, and cliffs. It is going to be beautiful all around you. And in addition, Slovenia has very long cave systems. For example, Migovec System, that is 41,800 m long. And the second longest is Postojna Cave that is 24,340 m long and it is about 2-hour drive away from the Triglav National Park that I mentioned before.


8. Slovenians.

Since I visited Slovenia I am telling everyone that one of the friendliest people I have ever met are Slovenians. The very first time I met Slovenians was in Bulgaria where we had to spend 42 days together during a youth exchange/voluntary service. And since they were friendly, fun, positive, adventurous, curious and overall amazing people, I loved each and every day with them. But this time, when I spent almost two weeks in Slovenia, it just proved it to be right- every single one of them was amazing. Slovenia, you have been very good to your people. I believe it has something to do with their beautiful nature.


9. Diversity.

Diversity is another thing that can be attractive in Slovenia, because you can experience Summer on the downhill, Autumn on the way up and Winter on the top of the mountain. You can have some peaceful days surrounded by mountains or you can choose to go to the city and enjoy some city life and taste of Slovenian food and drinks (and for very reasonable prices). You can have it all.


10. Some alone time.

If you are on your journey to getting to know yourself and trying to figure out what is your path in life, you also might consider going to Slovenia as it is not crowded by tourists or full of touristy shops that all want to have your money in one way or another. Even though it is a small country, it gives you a great amount of personal space.


11. Exploration.

If you are looking for adventure, you are gonna find it in this country. Why? Because you never know what you are going to find behind the corner. You might be on a casual mountain hike, but end up finding mountain caves filled with hidden rivers. Or when driving on a random road you might find a dried river ready to be explored.



12. Cute cities.

Yes, not only Slovenia has beautiful nature, it also has its’ cute cities. They are charming and yet with a character. They have rich history and old houses with red roofs, but yet you can end up in a modern district. You can find tiny cafes with local food and a lot of birds everywhere. The picture below was taken in Maribor. A city that many of native Slovenians suggested for us.


13. Lake Bled.

Lake Bled was one of my favourite places I visited in Slovenia. I was extremely lucky to enter the city in the golden hour. It had a variety of colours- pink, red, blue, orange, a bit of green. It felt a bit like Disneyland. But better. And prettier. And the lake is huge. It is not like you could walk around it in an hour. It really is enormous. And when you spend some time you start to notice all the little details. The mountains behind the Church. The little house on the top of the mountain. Reflections. Shapes of the trees. Everything comes together to create this amazing landscape. It is not something you can just look up on google. You truly have to experience it yourself to understand the beauty.


14. Events.

Everything that Slovenia holds and everything it has to offer to you, comes together in Slovenian events. And I have heard many great things about them. So if you wanna spice up your 2019, you might take a look at these important events of 2019.


So this is it. If this did not make you wanna buy the tickets to Slovenia this very second, read it once again and pack your luggage!

Keep exploring, folks!

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4 thoughts on “14 Reasons why Slovenia should be on Your Travel List 2019.

  1. Visited Slovenia 10 years ago, such a lovely country! And yes, Slovenia is not Slovakia, so many people get confused when we say that we are the Slovaks. This year is time to come back to explore more of the country, cannot wait to visit the Lake Bled and Triglav National Park. Safe travels.x x


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