Here’s How you get Your Kids Interested in Photography

Getting your kids interested in photography doesn’t have to be an impossible task. In fact, it is super easy for you to get your kids interested in the idea of it before they even pick up a camera. If you want to find out more about that then you can easily find out everything you need to know, right here.

Always Take your Time

You should never feel as though you have to jam everything into one session but this is not the case at all and those who work in education will know this more than anyone. You really do need to try and break things up into smaller pieces and you also need to try and put the work in to inspire your children to learn as well. It is also a good idea for you to encourage enthusiasm if possible. If you can try and make the first day super fun then you know that you can easily make the second day way more fun as well. Little things like this can really make a difference and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to encourage them to take an interest from very early on.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go outdoors. Make lessons about photography a part of outdoors activity. Like a day in a playground just instead of the swings and sandbox your kid can play with a camera or smartphone camera.
  • Tell your kids that this is something you can do together. Kids are very motivated to participate in tasks that can be done together. I have not met a kid who would voluntarily clean up a room, but if you make this as a fun game you can play together, the kid will clean the room in no time and with a smile.
  • Do some long exposures. Kids love to draw and this is just another kind of drawing lesson!
  • Notice what are the things your kid is excited about. Cats? Dogs? Lego? This is another opportunity to get them involved and motivated. They can take a picture of their favourite animal or object and you can go to a specialised shop and create any sort of canvas, pillow, blanket with a picture the kid has taken. (You can do it online too.) Who does not love to see the fruits of their own work?


Start Out with Something that’s Familiar

If you want to get your kids, or even the kids that you work with interested in photography then you need to try and choose something that they are already very familiar with. You also need to encourage them to face challenges as well. If you know that there is a photo that they want to take but can’t do it, then encourage them to work around it. Show them that it is more than possible for them to take photos from higher up and lower down. You may also want to get them interested in a foldable camera drone as this will really help them to see things from a completely different angle. On top of this, they can see things that they have never seen before, such as a top view of their home or even their garden. Little things like this can help to show them that there is more out there to photography than just clicking a button and the sooner you are able to make them realise this, the better.

If your kid loves any sort of technical stuff (dismantle a clock, for example), you can create camera obscura together so that they could understand the technical side of camera a bit better.



After you have had a few session with your child, or the child that you are working with you can then introduce the concept of shutter speed and even ISO as well. You can show them how aperture works and other concepts as well. You can even show them how each one works and how everything can be combined with motion blur or other settings as well.Just play around with the shutter speed a little bit and make some long exposure. You can also let your child experiment with photo editing software as well as this can really help them to take an interest in the other side of photography. Show them how they can change the colour of things, make certain aspects of the photo brighter and so much more. 

Stay motivated!

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