Georgia: The Country of Cows, Cheap Hostels and Beautiful Nature. + FREE GIVEAWAY

A few months ago I went to Georgia. Even if it was only for a couple of days, it was great for getting the first taste of Georgia. So I want to share with you my first impressions of this beautiful country called Georgia (საქართველო) or as it felt to me- little India. Stay tuned till the end for a chance to win a FREE GIVEAWAY.

1. Bad quality roads.

I would normally not be the one to start with something negative, but this was a road trip after all. The roads in Georgia are filled with holes of all sizes. Starting from tiny bumps till giant holes. So a friendly advice – a) rent a car and leave yours at home; b) don’t drive at night if you are not familiar with the road; c) don’t drive with a full stomach. For every Latvian whoever complained about Latvian roads I wish to visit Georgia.

Georgia 1-2

2. Cows everywhere.

This is something that always was associated with India in my mind so I was pretty surprised when we first got on a highway. So many cows casually walking, sleeping, eating in the middle of a street. At some places, there were police who were not there to give out speed tickets (everyone drove over the speed limit), but to try to get cows off of the road. But my favourite part was not the highway full of cows, it was our visit to Mestia province. It feels surreal when you walk between old, beautiful buildings and cows are following you around as if they are just waiting for you to milk them.

Georgia 1-6 Georgia 1-7

3. Cheap hostels.

Okay, this is actually a pretty cool story. Since this was a spontaneous trip and we bought the plane tickets only a week in advance, we did not have a proper route plan or anything. So obviously we could not book our hostels in advance. So when we decided to spend our last night in Kutaisi for a good nights sleep because we had our return flight early on the next morning, we checked booking options. We chose one of the cheapest options from the ones that were available paying around 7 euros per person and did not expect much of the place. For our surprise, when we arrived, the host welcomed us with a traditional Georgian drink Chacha, took as to our room and left us shocked. It was not a room we expected. It was a freakin’ penthouse. The place was at least 20 times bigger than my apartment. And free drinks, fruits, parking, tv, and wifi were included in the price. Never have I ever had a better experience with hostels. So if you are going to Georgia, check out the endless options on Booking.

4. Incredible mountains. The Caucasus.

Mountains have always had a special place in my heart. Even when I lived in Norway for more than 2 years, I never got tired of them. Caucasus mountain range is located at the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. And even if we did not climb to the top, it was fun to imagine how this beautiful mountain range can separate so different worlds. So if you ever travel to Georgia, keep in mind that Ushba is a must visit. Mountains here differ from others I have seen. They appear somehow spiky, sharp and a bit dangerous, almost as if they don’t want you to climb them.

Georgia 1-4

5. The Black Sea.

When I visited Bulgaria and Turkey, I had a chance to see the Black Sea every day. But similar to the mountains, also the sea felt different here. It looked even more turquoise blue. And unlike the crowded beaches in Bulgaria, this felt abandoned and a bit wild. If you are a fan of beaches, the Black Sea in Georgia is a must see for you.

Georgia 1-1

6. Remarkable buildings.

As someone who knows nearly nothing about architecture, I really enjoyed buildings in Georgia. They are so unique and they feel ancient. Some of them were bazaar as they were built from sloping slates that are usually used for roofs, others were very fancy and palace-like and some reminded of ancient Greece. Such diversity everywhere!

Georgia 1-5

Enough said. It is time for a giveaway now. If you are a fan of walking tours this really is for you! I am giving away a year-long subscription for GPSmyCity. Each annual subscription, which normally costs $18.99 at the app store, allows access to all the walking tours in 1,000+ cities worldwide, included in the app, for one year. The app virtually turns a mobile device into a personal tour guide, allowing visitors to explore on foot the best local attractions at their own pace.

For a chance to win the competition, share with me your favourite travel destination via a Comment below. All entries must be in by Saturday, 10th of November. I’ll choose the  winners at random and notify them by replying to the comment and send the instruction by e-mail of how they can claim their prize.

So – ready, set, go! Share your favourite travel destination. There are no rules and it does not matter how much money you spent on your trip (if any). It can even be a place within the borders of your own country. Tell me below in Comments and maybe you’ll be a winner! I am looking forward to hearing about your travels!

Georgia 1-3

Adventure awaits! 

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11 thoughts on “Georgia: The Country of Cows, Cheap Hostels and Beautiful Nature. + FREE GIVEAWAY

  1. My favorite since now is definitely Iceland. Beautiful landscapes, wild places, perfect place for adventurous photographers and travelers.
    And yes, nice article, Madara!! Thanks! 🙂

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