The Dos & Don’ts Of An Epic Road Trip

There are infinite ways you can travel the world and open yourself up to exciting new places and experiences. Some people like to fly to different countries and see what they have to offer, while others like to explore a particular area more deeply. To go to unexplored areas and see everything what is in between touristic places.

One excellent way you can travel around a country or two is by planning a road trip. (I have talked about this previously, but somehow I still have some extras to share.) Get everything packed up in a car, and then drive around to different cities or different countries. It’s a really refreshing travel experience, but there are plenty of things you must do and avoid if you want an epic road trip!


Do: Plan your route

It may seem like an awesome idea to go on a road trip without planning ahead at all. You get the thrill of just driving around and finding places at random. Honestly this is the way I do it the most. It fills you up with adrenaline and the unknown. But, you also have a higher chance of getting lost (I am no stranger to it) and ending up stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting help. Specially if your car breaks down. Realistically, it makes sense to plan your route, so you have a map of where you’re going. This will help stop you from getting lost.

If you are new to this, start out with your own country. I am from Latvia which is a small country, but I still have lots to explore. Never ever under underestimate your own country and the beauty of it. And since it is your country and you should be more or less familiar with locations, you can enjoy the ‘not planning part’ of your road trip.


Don’t: Drinking before driving

Having a few drinks with the locals in a bar is always a good way of blending in and experiencing the culture of a foreign place. I am not and have never been the one to party every Friday night, but once you go to such country like Georgia, there is no way you can say no to a glass of wine or two.  However, don’t do this if you have to set off driving soon after. Even if you get drunk all night and set off in the morning, there’s every chance you could still be over the legal limit. So, to avoid needing to obtain legal defense for a DUI claim, be sensible and plan your nights out properly. Make sure you leave more than enough time for the alcohol to entirely exit your system before setting off and getting back behind the wheel. You have a car after all. So it is your own portable hotel you can sleep in at any time.


Do: Go with some friends

A solo road trip can be a way to get to know yourself and to clear up your mind, but sometimes you just want that one person to sing ‘I’m gonna be (500 miles)’ with you while on a highway. This is why you should definitely at least once plan your adventure road trip with some friends that also want to travel. You’ll create a really fun atmosphere in the car that just makes the whole experience ten times better. Having other people with you will ensure that you make more memories that last forever as well.


Don’t: Be too strict

While planning your road trip route is essential, you should avoid being too strict when you’re traveling. If you see somewhere along the way that looks like a great place to stop – but you didn’t plan on stopping there – then do it! As long as you still manage to stay on course and can get to your final destination, then that’s fine. Even if you have to change your plans a tiny bit. Sometimes, we uncover hidden gems while traveling, and it would be a shame to miss out on them because you were following your plan too strictly! I have never regretted stopping to enjoy the sunset, explore a cave, checking what is around the corner and simply taking a side road just to see what’s there. Most of the times detour has lead me to my favourite travel shots.


If you’ve never been on one before, then a road trip can be a real eye-opening experience for you. It’s one of the most exciting and enthralling ways to travel across countries and see so many different sights. So, start saving, and go ahead and plan your epic road trip today. 

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