How To Pack Smart When You’re Planning A Road Trip

Did you see the picture? That is a shot from our 10-day road trip trough Europe. It was our home for this whole time. We were driving and sleeping in the car and nothing could stop us from hitting the breaks whenever we saw a beautiful view. We were our own bosses and managed the time as we wished. Road trips give you that kind of freedom that no other type of traveling gives you.

Yes, when it comes to travel, there are always lots of different types of travel that you could choose to enjoy. But more often than not, we tend to stick to the same kinds of adventures that we’re used to. Always head to the beach house? Or hit the south coast? Or go to an active camp? Well, you may find that you just tend to go back to the same places each year. (For me it is Baltic Sea almost every time I have a bit of free time). Because we can all be a creature of habit from time to time – even with our travel plans. But sometimes, it can be super fun to mix things up with a new kind of travel. So if you are used to catching a plane to the closest sunny beach or taking a metro to your favorite park, change some things up for a change. It is always incredibly fun going on a road trip.

Whether you want to camp along the way or head to a main destination, you have to make sure that you pack carefully when you’re on a road trip. I have picked up some useful tips on the way so here’s some to help you here.


  1. Don’t Go Crazy

So the very first thing that you need to remember, is that you can’t go crazy when it comes to packing. Now, there may not be a weight restriction what luggage you can take, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard with what you take. Because yes it’s going into the car, but you don’t want to be carting tons and tons of stuff to and from the car all of the time. So make sure that you be practicing restraint when you’re picking out what you want to take (especially if you are gonna sleep in the car). Are you sure you are going to wear all that make up every day? Do you really thing you are gonna have the time to read that book? Be strict to yourself when it comes to packing!

  1. Pack Carefully

Now, when it comes to the packing process, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re really thoughtful. If you’re going to want to dress well on your trip (the NYTimes has some tips on that), sure you can do that, but you don’t need to take your entire wardrobe for that. Instead, try to work out what weather conditions you’re going to face, and then pick out what you want to wear based on that. Once again be strict to yourself and think if you are really going to wear that dress?

  1. Pack Practically

And, you’re going to want to be practical too. So make sure that you’re thinking of what you need for the stops, not just clothing. Because that’s the difference with the road trip, you also may need to take things like towels, or camping equipment and some food too. So think about more than just clothing. You don’t want to end up in the middle of the mountains with no shops around and be hungry, because you are used to having shops on every corner.


  1. Get Smart With Storage

But, you’re also going to want to try and think outside the box with your storage too. Or, outside of the car. Take a look at roof rack options, such as these on 4WD Supacentre, that can help you here. This is especially essential for those who are about to travel for a month or so and planing to sleep in the car for the most of the time. Packing on top of the car can help you to get all of the equipment you need in, as well as your personal luggage.

  1. Try Space Savers

Lastly, you may also then find that it’s going to be super handy if you can save some space. Having luggage on top of the car is going to help you here. It’s going to mean that you’ve got less in the car. But this doesn’t mean that you should then fill up the car just because there appears to be space. Remember, you need to be comfortable while in the car – so try to keep your luggage in the trunk only. This is going to mean that you need to try and stack up any equipment you have, or crush down luggage smartly in the trunk, to keep the rest of the car free. Your car is going to turn into your home for some time. And you need to feel at home!

Happy traveling!

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