Overcoming The 5 Common Excuses People Have For Not Travelling

Ask people what they’d like to have more of in their life, and you’ll invariably get the answer “travel.” And before you start giving me all the excuses, just let me give you some truths:

  • Truth Nr.1: My friend had no money. But he wanted to travel across the ocean. So he hitchhiked to the closest city near the ocean and offered to work on the ship in exchange for a free journey. (Money isn’t all that you can offer. Plus here you can read other ideas on how to fund your traveling plans)
  • Truth Nr.2: I moved to Norway for two and a half years with one hand luggage. (You don’t need a lot of stuff for traveling)
  • Truth Nr.3: I used to work for a huge international company. When a travel opportunity came, I told them I need to leave for 40 days. I said that I could either quit the job or they could let me go on an unpaid vacation. They let me keep the job. (So work isn’t an excuse either. If you are good at what you do, employers will be crazy to have you.)

Traveling is awesome! It challenges your previously held notions about the world, shows you the world’s beauty in all its forms, and delivers an exciting day after an exciting day. So if it’s so great, why aren’t you doing it as often as you’d like? Some people who want to travel never leave their hometown! I honestly have met such people. When I asked why, they answered that they don’t know. It’s usually for one or more of several reasons. But good news: these reasons might not be as watertight as you might think.

It’s Scary

Of course, travelling is scary! Nothing that’s worth doing is easy. But while elements of it are scary, other elements are fun, adventurous, conducive to growth, and so on. Don’t focus on the small aspect that you don’t like – focus on what you can gain! Take a moment and read the truth Nr. 1! Nobody is really ready for anything. Not when it comes to starting a new job, having a baby or traveling for the first time. But it is just one of those things when if you feel it you must do it.


Free Time Issues

We all have to work in life. It’s part of being an adult! And although we have more tools that could do work for us, most of us are working longer hours than ever before. Which doesn’t leave much time for traveling, or does it? Most countries have at least several weeks of leave time, which provides enough time to see the world. There are also those national holidays, which offer an opportunity for a quick city break or retreat into nature. And while I’m not suggesting that you quit your job to travel…it’s not always the worst idea in the world! Just read the Truth Nr. 3 for some inspiration!

It’s Expensive

If you hate to hitchhike and not knowing where to stay at night, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll need money to travel, but it’s rarely as expensive as people think. Unless you can only stay in a five-star hotel and eat in the finest restaurants, virtually every destination across the world can be affordable! If your finances are currently in a bad way, look at how to get rid of credit card debt, and get to saving. Once your financial landscape has improved, you’ll be able to afford those budget travel trips across Europe and beyond!

There’s No-One To Go With

If you’re always waiting for other people to join in with your plans before you commit to them, you’re going to miss out on a lot of things! You should be comfortable doing things by yourself. In any case, you’ll soon discover that there’s a reason why many people prefer to travel by themselves – it can be more enjoyable when you’re the one with the reins. You’ll meet plenty of cool people when you’re pushed to go out and socialize, too. You dont have to compromise and travel in the way others tell you to. You can see only those places you want to see. When we travel with others, it’s easy to fall back on only talking with them. Most of the times spending time with the locals has been the best experience for me.


“It’s Not The Right Time”

It might not be the right time, but let’s be honest, will it ever be the right time? You’re always going to have commitments. Your finances will never be perfect. It’s not about waiting for the right time; it’s about seeing if there’s a way you could travel, and then going ahead and doing it! Everything falls into place if we trust ourselves. Read the truth Nr.3 once again. 

Happy traveling!

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming The 5 Common Excuses People Have For Not Travelling

  1. Great article! I note that reasons 1 (It’s scary) and 5 (It’s not the right time) are most common among first time travellers, yet, as you very rightly explained, amazing journeys begin with the courage to take the first, single step. Looking forward to read more of your experiences 🙂

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  3. I’m scared of flying.
    I can’t leave my cat/dog/mum/garden.
    I can’t get time off from work.
    I’ve got no-one to go with.
    I can’t speak the language.
    I don’t want to get a credit card.

    Just a few bs excuses I’ve heard over the years. If they wanted to do it, they would find a way to do it.

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    • Very true. But I have been in a situation when I tell someone how cheap my trip has been and they are shocked. It turned out that they had no idea that they could even afford to travel! Go figure! 😀


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