15 Reasons to Get to Know Latvia.

Have you ever heard of Latvia? Don’t be ashamed if you have not. A lot of people haven’t. But here are 15 reasons why you should get to know Latvia the first chance you get:

1. Our soothing swamps.

Kaņiera lake.

kanieris_done-2 2
2. Our hidden forest rivers and brooks.


Lacupite. Madara Parma Photography.3. Our rocky beaches.

Liepājas Ziemeļu Forti. 

Liepāja.4. Our amazing treetops.

Līgatnes dabas takas.

ligatne-285. And our trees, of course.


26. Our many pathways.

Līgatnes dabas takas.

ligatne-397. Our cute, little towns.


Mareks-48. Our abundant nature.


ligatne-99. And even our ground and its’ colour.


ligatne-3710. Our delightful sunrises.

Ķemeru Swamp.

Kemeri. Madara Parma Photography.11. And lovely sunsets.


talsi-312. Our giant ice-blocks in the wintertime.


mersrags-5313. Richness of our forests throughout the seasons.


114. Our snowy Winters.


mersrags-815. And, nonetheless, our colourful Summers.



Greetings from Latvia!

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Published by Madara Parma

Latvian traveler who is going to see places and do stuff she dreams of. See more at: madaraparma.com

7 thoughts on “15 Reasons to Get to Know Latvia.

  1. Of course I have heard about Latvia. The last picture made my jaw dropped. I want to take a walk on ‘that’ road in Talsi real bad. 😦


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