People I met in Bulgaria.

After collecting stories of the “People I met in Latvia” I could not stop there. And as this life has led me to the fields of Bulgaria, I would like to share with you some stories of the “People I met in Bulgaria”

1. Let’s greet William and Helena, my very first story in this country. While wondering around the streets of Balchik, we met this sweet couple who had moved to Bulgaria from Finland. (Did you know that Swedish is the second official langue in Finland?) Both of them are retired and are spending their days exploring this world and at the moment they have settled down in Balchik. They are collecting phrases in Bulgarian that opens the doors to the hearts of locals. Greetings and goodbye wishes. They claimed that when something is broken, some Bulgarian comes, says: “No problem”, brings the tools and fixes it in no time.

Welcome to Bulgaria! Cheers!

People I met in Bulgaria. Madara Parma Photography.2. The second story is about Nikola. He is a very mysterious Macedonian guy. You would think that he is a silent type, observer. And then suddenly you see him on the stage talking about the movie he is acting in and is a screenwriter for. And only then you notice that he is taking part in every possible performance act in the project. Things you learn on EVS. People are surprising. Indeed. I guess people should just take some more time to actually talk to each other.

The tribe man. Madara Parma Photography.3. Imogen. She is one of those people who has a name that absolutely describes them. First you hear it as “imagine” (at least I did).  And she is exactly that. Someone you can only imagine. One of the most charismatic people I have ever met in my life and always with such a great sense of humour. Coming from the land of United Kingdom with her fancy accent  to the roads of Bulgaria where I met her, she is keeping her positive energy. She just proved to me that you can be positive no matter place you are at in your life. I will definitely miss your sarcasm, girl!

Beach. Madara Parma Photography.4. Hi there, Giovanni. You are a walking energy bomb, did you know that? Yea, at first I did not even know his name, all I knew was that he is the one who brings the energy in to the room. You might think that it is the part of being an Italian, but when you spend 40 days with many, many Italians, you see that either most of them forgot how to italian or he is just so good at it. Anyhow when it is 6 in the morning and the music stops after a long night, he takes a tiny, but very loud speaker and people forget about the sleep. He for sure thought us that it is never too early or too late to dance!

Man in the Gardens. Madara Parma Photography.5. Did you say hi to Alja. If you didn’t, it’s time to do it because she is so warm and kindhearted person that you would regret not having talked to. Coming from the country of Slovenia, she was the one who always took care of everyone and asked you how you reeeally feel. She was the first to care and the first to know everything and I really enjoyed our chocolate pancake walks down by the coast of the Black Sea. Maybe you should try this some time. To see someone and ask how are they doing. But not just a small talk. How are they  reeeally doing.Is it time for pancakes yet?

Alja. Madara Parma Photography.6. Jennie, Jennie, Jennie. Imagine saying this name with very harsh Greek accent. That is how we called her because of our Greek friend who said this every time he saw her. If you have heard a saying: “I can’t be everywhere at once” she is the one to prove it wrong. Trust me. She is the first to wake up and the last one to fall asleep. Jennie comes from United Kingdom and, as unbelievable as it sounds, occasionally wears Harry Potter glasses. No surprises why people on the first day asked her to pronounce “tea” in a British way. I guess that we cannot hide our roots, huh?

Jennie. Madara Parma Photography.7. Now it is time to meet Michaela and Łukasz. They really are a story to tell. I used to think that those couples I follow on Instagram cannot be for real until I met them. Michaela is coming from Check Republic ( guys, your language is bazaar(!) ) and Łukasz is coming from Poland and somehow the life has given them a chance to meet and be together. They are a kind reminder to yourself that when you meet the right person, it does not matter where you are from. You may have to learn how to compromise and prioritise. But you will find a way and you know it.See you, guys. Somewhere. Somewhere.

Michaela and Łukasz. Madara Parma Photography.8. And this here in the dark is Adnen a.k.a. “question guy”. Believe me or not, but this Slovenian guy was able to keep 30 people in a tiny dormitory room playing the “question game”. He could think of any possible question there is in this world. Amazing. Remember how I said that we should learn how to really talk to each other and get to know each other. We should all take lessons from this guy. I believe that he could be the first person in his country who could actually manage to talk to each and every person.So it is time to put the computer away and go outside to talk to people.

Adnen. Madara Parma Photography.

And what’s your story that you’re leaving behind?

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