Pros and Cons of Being a Tourist in the Netherlands.


For starters I have to say that Netherlands is really amazing and beautiful country. It combines European charm with something so unique and different you can find only in Netherlands. I guess that every country has its’ own feeling. And the one that Netherlands has is the feeling of peace and artistic freedom. I must admit that it is pretty likeable.


First thing I would like to emphasise would be the possibility to get to Amsterdam in a very cheap way, if you travel from Belgium. You can just simply take a bus from Brussels to Amsterdam for 11 euros one way. Imagine that you pay only 11 euros to get from one country to another for the same price you could buy a sandwich and coffee in, let’s say, Norway. By the way you can find the particular bus here.

The second thing I would suggest you to get as a traveler in Amsterdam would be an I amsterdam city card. This card gives you many benefits and it absolutely pays itself off. Why?

  • You can use all kinds of public transport to move around the city for free. This allows you to see the city not only from the eyes of a tourist, but from the eyes of a local as well. Of course, if you are that kind of person who must see all of the tourist attractions, go ahead, but do not hesitate to jump off the tram wherever and surprise yourself with an unexpected experience. I mean, you never know whom and where you can meet that will make you remember this trip forever.amst-1
  • Another thing you can do as an I amsterdam city card holder is to take the chance and see the city from it’s many canals. You can choose between different kinds of boats and go on approximately 25 min long canal  cruise. This way you see a lot more than an everyday city, for example,  people who live on boats. A short time-lapse video from my Amsterdam trip is available here.
  • Artis Zoo was a place to remember. Not only it consists of buildings full of different animal species, but you can also find Botanic gardens, Microbe museum and parks to wonder around. What surprised me the most was that majority of the animals were not caged. They could freely walk around you. You just simply walk into a building and some monkey just jumps off the tree and lands on your feet. You walk farther and come across chameleon who is just a touch away from you. Animals are all around you. amst-5
  • As an I amsterdam city card holder you get free entry into many museums as well. Some free giveaways too.

The third thing what came upon my mind was that Amsterdam makes you experience the things you would not normally agree to do. For starters, visiting Sex Museum. I never thought I would go to a Sex Museum, but Amsterdam with its’ Red light districts, cannabis posters and space cakes just leads you to visit those kinds of places. Stepping outside of your comfort zone – that is what this city forces you to do.

The fourth and the last thing that I want to mention is what happens with travelers whenever they are abroad. In a foreign city it is always great to wonder around without knowing where you are going to. Everything is new. Everything seems interesting and compelling. This rarely happens to us in our hometown.


For some reason Netherlands charmed me so greatly that I am struggling to find some cons of being a tourist in this country. But one thing I did find. While I promenaded down the street on a day time, everything seemed artistic, beautiful and amazingly charming. But during night hours I was feeling uncomfortable. I walked around by myself, seeking new adventures and felt like someone is gonna sneak on me from the back even though I was the only one on the street. It felt like in a terrible horror movie, where you suddenly see wicked and stoned faces everywhere. And the things that you enjoyed on the morning, felt frightening in the dark. And you keep on walking and telling yourself: “It is all in you head, all in your head..”

And so it is. It really is all in your head. If you want to enjoy every moment of your trip, you will. Believe me. Amsterdam is calling, so I have to pick up.

See you next time.



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