Movies That Will Make You Get Up Your Coach and Travel! (My Favourite Travel Movie List).

Dear reader, I would like to present to you some of the movies which have inspired me to get on moving on this life and explore the world.

The Way.

I feel like I should write about this movie first, because it is quite important at this point in my life, as I am planning to walk The Road . Not necessary El Camino, but some trail that would help me to connect with my inner self. As you may have understood by now, this movie tells about one mans journey trough El Camino de Santiago.
What is specific about this movie is that the man did not walk it because of religious reasons as it may seem. He had his own idea about why he should walk it and he was not willing to share it openly with others he met on the road.




Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

This movie represents a very special journey experienced by a very special boy. It is not only a travel movie. It is about life, about love, about family, about all the values which you could ever have in your life.

Into the Wild.

I believe that there could not exist a travel movie list without this one. It is a true story that has changed and inspired lives of many. It is about a men who called himself Alexander Supertramp and he was searching for himself. It is about a man who just wanted to live, to travel and to just be. He was tired of the everyday life and decided to fulfil his dream. I guess there is a little Alexander Supertramp hiding inside all of us.


 The Night on Earth.

This one is for sure nor a typical, nor commercial travel movie. It is directed by Jim Jarmusch who is kind of a fan of irritating the spectators. This movie takes us to 5 different countries and tells us the story of some cab drivers and passengers of 5 different countries. Jarmusch has very unusual sense of humour. If you do too, you should watch this piece of art. I suggest you to watch it with subtitles if you are not a polyglot.






All the Invisible Children

Also for this movie I suggest you to use subtitles. The movie is cinematically rich and simply beautiful at the same time. It tells the story about different children of our planet, about life, about the rich and the poor. Quite frankly, it shows the reality of our world. Powerful.





The Art of Travel.

I feel like the title of the movie fully represents it. It really is about the art of travel. It tells the story about a man who just decided to leave behind everything he had and to do something for himself. Many countries, different cultures and people from all over the world. Sweet.



Blood Diamond

A different perspective about traveling. Blood diamond is a movie about nature of people. Where are we ready to travel for money? How far are we willing to go just to get those paper pieces called money? Did I say that DiCaprio is in it?


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