If You Don’t Like it- Change it! (Iceland Experience.)

Since Facebook and Instagram lately has turned into a big platform of advertisement with some “funny cat videos” (which are not even funny) in the middle of it, I have desperately been searching for a new way of expressing my 21st century self. In the result this page was made.


As I have considered starting a blog as well, why not to combine it all in one? So here you go, dear readers. My first blog post which I would like to call “If you don’t like it- change it”! This one goes for everything- starting from your newsfeed and finishing with your everyday actions. If I always wanted to write a blog and never really did, I should not wait some magical inspiration to start it. I just need to start now. Today.

Volcano in Iceland.

I am a big fan of cheap flights and couchsurfing experiences. So for my first blog entry I wanna share with you my opinion on why it is great to travel to Iceland in the wintertime.

1. Cheep tickets. Iceland, no doubt, is a famous destination for tourists, but the good news are that tourists expect almost guaranteed good weather with all other luxuries. Wintertime can be freezing cold, windy and snowy in Iceland, but surprise, surprise- so can be the summer time. So why not to take the chance to buy some cheap tickets and fly there in October, November or December? I went there in October and believe me or not, I experiences sunny weather 70 % of my time there. And I paid at least 3 times less for the flight tickets as I would have in the summertime. And I must add that hotel and car rent prices drops during this period as well. And after all, you don’t even have to enter National parks and tourist attractions with an entree fee. You can just drive around and enjoy it as it is. Newsflash! Nature is for free.


2. Amazing waves. As it is slightly windy during Autumn and Winter in Iceland, waves can get magnificently big at times. I managed to experience some waves that could be a dream come true for every surfing enthusiast. You just stand there – just a tiny organism – and waves come crushing down and disappear in the black sand coast of Iceland. Unforgettable moments. And still – for free.

The Ocean.
The Ocean.

3. Snowy mountains and glaciers that has not melted. Yes, snow is cold and glaciers are slippery, but the beauty it’s … indescribable. You can repeatedly hear that glaciers are melting and they may not be there in a few years. Yes, at the moment they are there even in the summertime, but all the tourists are there as well. Wouldn’t you regret not seeing them if tomorrow they would announce in news that all the glaciers have melted?


4. Less tourists. Iceland with its’ 332,529 inhabitants is not the most crowded place on the planet, but it can still get a bit crowded when it is travel season. If you are not a fan of crowded places, Godafoss waterfall would be like changing metro lines in London on Monday morning. In the wintertime, there are still some slightly crowded places, but people mostly get lost in the first few seconds of a wind breeze. And in those areas which are not marked in maps as a tourist attraction points, it is just a wasteland. Not a soul in there. Not a selfie there. Not a single drone is there.

Iceland Beauty.

In any case, I just wanted to remind myself and to you that it is not too late to change the things you are not happy about. Not even today. There is always a time for change. So if you wanna start a blog, save up for a car, buy a bitcoin or patch things up with somebody, as Shia LaBeouf said 2 years ago already: “Just do it!”


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